Official badges for pre-registered attendees should be collected at the accreditation desk. Participation at Travelweek Sao Paulo is by invitation only to Exhibitors, VIP Buyers and Press. All participants must be formally preregistered to attend the event. No other form of admission is valid. Exhibitors and VIP Buyers are not entitled to invite anyone to the event without Travelweek’s prior consent and pre-registration of the attendee, if authorized. In order to avoid inconveniences, we kindly ask Exhibitors and VIP Buyers not to arrange meetings with non-registered personnel. Access of non-registered personnel will not be allowed at the venue.


Travelweek Sao Paulo provides shuttle service to all participants to and from Hosting Buyers hotels.


Note: All shuttles are provided in vans with limited capacity. Please be ready at the first scheduled time of departure to guarantee your seat.


Registration desk will be open at Bienal Pavilion on April 25th, Tuesday, from 9am to 3pm. If you have material delivery or prefer to avoid lines, you can collect your badge and event bag on this period.

Shuttles will be available from Bienal Pavilion to Hotel Palácio Tangará, departing at 3pm.


Registration will also be available at Hotel Palácio Tangará, in case you wish to proceed direct to event Opening Ceremony, on April 25th, Tuesday, from 3pm to 6pm. Badge collect only.


Kindly note that for security reasons, as the Hotel will be opened only for Travelweek Opening, the access will be restricted to badge holder guests. There will be a list at the gate to control access. Make sure your name is correctly registered to attend the event.


Registration will be available during entire show duration on April 26th, 27th and 28th from 8am to 6pm. Guests that collect badges at Hotel Palácio Tangará on April 25th will be able to collect their show bags on a fast track entrance at Bienal Pavilion.


Leave in Advance. Traffic in Sao Paulo can be heavy at all hours, not only during peak rush hours. We strongly recommend leaving with at least one hour in advance in the morning, in order to arrive in time for your first appointment.


In April, the weather in Sao Paulo is usually pleasant and the average temperature registered at this time of the year varies from 14ºC to 26ºC (57ºF to 79ºF). The weather in the city, however, is unpredictable and there might be sudden changes throughout the day, as well as occasional rainstorms.

EXITING THE VENUE: Pre-book your taxi

Due to the city’s heavy traffic, we strongly recommend all Exhibitors and VIP Buyers based in Sao Paulo or staying at hotels which are not served by Travelweek Sao Paulo’s shuttles click here to see timetable, to pre-book a taxi to exit the venue, in order to avoid long queues.


For your convenience, Travelweek Sao Paulo suggests downloading the app 99Taxis. It locates the nearest taxi, provides driver’s details and license and offers the opportunity to choose the paying method. Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish Downloads for all platforms at:



Important: Your mobile GPS may inform your location with slight imprecision. In order to avoid misunderstandings make sure, before ordering the cab, that the app is getting your precise location, which is the Bienal Pavilion.


Please carefully read the item Shipment Procedures, as there are several essential points to be considered before shipping your brochures to Brazil.


Do not mail any material to Travelweek Sao Paulo’s office address or to the Bienal Pavilion, as neither one is able to receive or store any material.


English is the official language at Travelweek Sao Paulo. Brazil’s language is Brazilian Portuguese.


Travelweek Sao Paulo’s dress code is business casual (cocktail dresses and jackets for opening party if you wish), with no need for ties or high heels. Please consider the venue’s vast area and its slippery floor, therefore, comfortable shoes, preferably with rubber soles, are mostly recommended. Temperature may vary in different areas of the venue, so ladies and gentlemen are advised to bring a jacket or pashmina in case the air conditioning gets too cold. For more information, please check Sao Paulo Weather Conditions.


There is a 5-minute break between every meeting. All participants have a pre-scheduled 25min break in the morning or afternoon. Please check your Agenda to view the designated times.


We strongly encourage all participants to use pre-paid lunch vouchers (BRL 75). Menu and vouchers are available at Balsâmico Restaurant during the day. Payment only in Reais (BRL) and Credit Cards.


During trade days (April 26th, 27th and 28th), all participants have one pre-scheduled lunch break of 01h15. Aiming at a smooth operation, lunch is organized in 3 seating times. Please check your Agenda to view your designated time:


SEATING A: from 11:55pm to 1:20pm

SEATING B: from 12:55pm to 2:20pm

SEATING C: from 1:55pm to 3:20pm



Balsâmico Buffet Restaurant has its own team of food specialists trained to assure total quality of its products, strictly following hygiene and food-safety requirements enforced in the country. It belongs to group behind the highly successful Peppino and Nino Cucina – ranked among the most awarded restaurants/bars in Sao Paulo. You´ll be able to taste concoctions created by the talented chef Rodolfo de Sanctis. See our Hot Tips for addresses.


During Travelweek Sao Paulo 2017, Balsâmico will offer its services at the mezzanine area of the Bienal Pavilion, from April26th to 28th. To avoid queues, participants can buy lunch vouchers (BRL 75) in advance at the Restaurant.


Payment: Reais (BRL), and Credit Cards.



RESTAURANT The Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM) counts with a buffet lunch restaurant, located right off and in front of Travelweek Sao Paulo’s venue, inside Ibirapuera Park. For your convenience, should you choose to have lunch at MAM, we suggest making reservations in advance, due to limited spaces available.


Note: Restaurants and Snack Points do not accept Dollars or Euros. All expenses should be paid in Brazilian Reais (BRL) or credit cards.

INTERNET MAY BE UNSTABLE: Download your presentations

Travelweek Sao Paulo provides wireless internet on complimentary basis. However, as the venue is inside a park, there might be signal interruptions. We strongly recommend Exhibitors to download and save their presentations and files in advance.


Travelweek Sao Paulo has a special security arrangement for the entire event. However, don´t leave your belongings and electronic devices unattended on the table. We strongly recommend using your workstation’s cabinets to store personal belongings during the day, and to bring any valuable items with you overnight.


Travelweek Sao Paulo does not take responsibility for lost or missing items during the event.


Travelweek Sao Paulo 2017 is equipped with permanent ambulance service for emergencies during the event. In case of emergencies or further medical assistance, we recommend the following hospitals with ER services:


  • ALBERT EINSTEIN – Ibirapuera Advanced Unit

            ADDRESS: Av. República do Líbano, 501 – Ibirapuera

            PHONE: +55 (11) 2151-1233



  • HOSPITAL SÃO LUIZ – Itaim Branch

            ADDRESS: Rua Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues, 95

            PHONE: +55 (11) 3040-1100

            WEBSITE: version/introducao.aspx


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside The Bienal Pavilion by Brazilian law. Smoking is permitted outside the venue only.


As Brazil is a tropical country, is good to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites by:


  • Covering up, wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers
  • Use plenty of DEET-based insect repellent
  • Apply repellent to skin and clothing.