With stores in Iguatemi, Shopping Cidade Jardim, and the flagship in Jardins area, this fashion designer based in Sao Paulo runs a beautiful, feminine brand, with simplicity, style and strong identity. In 2008, launched Cris Barros Mini, for young girls.


Rua Vitório Fasano, 85 – Jardim Paulista


+55 (11) 3062-6784



Nothing is more “bare-foot chic” than having your own personalized Havaianas! The popular flip-flops reflect a lifestyle, a symbol of “brasilidade” or “brazility”. The concept store at Oscar Freire has been refurbished and looks great!

Rua Oscar Freire, 1116 – Jardins


+55 (11) 3079-3415



Influential name behind Brazilian sophisticated beachwear, Lenny began to design bikinis after moving to Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s. Three stores in Sao Paulo, including one in Iguatemi and one in the Jardins area.


Rua Sarandi, 98 – Jardins


+55 11 3083-7977



One of the most celebrated Brazilian brands, stylish and cool fashion for men and women. Present at both shopping malls – Iguatemi and JK Iguatemi, and also in at the Jardins street shopping area, with the flagship store.


Rua Oscar Freire, 645 – Jardins


+55 11 3083-7977



A very popular Brazilian brand for men, associated with an informal and sophisticated lifestyle, has stores in the Jardins area and the main shopping malls and also presents a collection for women.


Rua Oscar Freire, 1129 – Jardins


+55 (11) 3062-6784



Granado & Phebo is Brazil’s first apothecary. The tradition of quality products with plant origins and proven effectiveness are recognized throughout the country and have gone beyond borders, placing this Brazilian cosmetics company as an example of quality natural products. Granado stores are beautifully designed. The one in Haddock Lobo is specially charming.


Rua Haddock Lobo, 1353 – Jardins


+55  11 3061-2048




Queen of boho chic, Adriana Barra is of the most acclaimed fashion designers in Brazil, with stints on furniture, accessories and print design and a funky boutique in the Jardins.  Adriana has the dazzlingly ability to combine art, tech, travel, nature in her trademark colorful prints, and has just launched her line A.Farra,  her second line marked by colors, prints and femininity. If you love solar, fun and unique designs this is the place to go.


Alameda Franca, 1243 – Jardim Paulista


+55 (11) 2925-2300



With his unique gemstones, daring combinations of materials and highly desirable pieces, Ara is the jeweler behind the most sought after pieces in town. Be it for its edgy rocker designs or for its inimitable mix of singular materials, Ara Vartanian´s creations are the epitome of cool, splurging personality and modernity. With stores in São Paulo (his main atelier is here, as well as two selling points: one in the Jardins´ area and a boutique at Shopping mall Cidade Jardim), Rio de Janeiro, New York, L.A and the newest in London´s Mayfair area. Ara Vartanian is where the cult fashionable crowd {Kate Moss is a fan} goes when looking for that special piece while in Brazil. With all that hype it’s not to be missed.


Boutique: Shopping Cidade Jardim – Av. Magalhães de Castro, 12000.

+ 55 11  3044-0133


Showroom. By appointment only. +55 11 38150200  



When looking for pieces that translate the urban vibe into sexy, sophisticated and authentic looks, Brazilian celebrities and girls-in-the know head to Helo Rochas´s flagship located on Alameda Franca in São Paulo. There they find clothes that have been making the brand’s DNA for over 10 years, with artisanal references, prints, embroideries and textures mix, translated into evening gowns, tailor-made wedding dresses and couture. The label matchless style is very contemporary Brazilian and should be in your list.


Rua Oscar Freire, 1116 – Jardins Alameda Franca, 1342 – Jardins.


+55 (11) 3085-4476



The exceptional aromas of Brazil inspired the birth of a brand of high quality cosmetics – L’Occitane au Brésil. It brings Brazilian diversity to each product line, all made with carefully selected natural extracts and combined to exclusive package design by artists who pay tribute to Brazilian authenticity. Launched in 2013, it has over 100 sales points around the country. The lines reflect the best of Brazilian natural environment, with enticing names such Bromélia, Umbu, Cana-de-açúcar, Cajú, Águas do Brasil, Água-de-coco, Aguapé – all made in Brazil with a French twist.


Rua Oscar Freire, 731– Jardim paulista


+55 11 3061-5848



Sophisticated handcrafted handbags are the signature of Serpui Marie, who infuses her worldly sophistication and Armenian roots into her collections (four per year) – each based on her singular mix of natural elements and materials such as Brazilian gemstones, straw, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals and hand-made embroideries combined with exquisite design and style elements. Chic and unique.


Alameda Jaú, 1844 – Jardim Paulista


+55 11 3873-3095



Inspired artisanal collections made of sparkling gemstones and rare materials are Silvia Furmanovich´s trademark. Inspired by her father, a goldsmith, Silvia grew up surrounded by the materials that would stimulate her creations. Nature, ancestral techniques and contemporary inspirations fuel her designs, which use gold in combination with ivory, coral, turquoise, woods and precious stones. The result? Unique pieces, with precisely crafted finishing and precious effects (look for her striking cuffs and bracelets).

With over 10 points of sale in the world, 3 only in São Paulo, Sylvia Furmanovich is a must go.


Rua Haddock Lobo, 1353 · Jardins  +  JK Iguatemi – Shopping


+55  11 3168-1263



If you are looking for a funky new accessory here is the place to go. Lool has a curated selection of accessories searched by its founder Luiza Setúbal, who has a gleaming eye for design + fashion and has curated a fine selection of Brazilian and International up and coming designers – launched Lool as pop-up store in 2009 showcasing irreverence and coolness in every detail. Now, almost a decade later, Lool has launched its own line of stylish items and opened a boutique at fashionable Shopping Iguatemi. Looking for that out of the box gift? Head to Lool.


Shopping Iguatemi SP – 3º floor – Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2232 – Jardim Paulistano


+55 11 3037-7244



If you are looking for that pair of striking footwear or handbag. Just head to Arezzo, Shultz  or the more exclusive Alexandre Birman. In each store you´ll have a debacle on what to buy, as their creations are truly enticing – a Brazilian statement of great design combined to top materials and impeccable fashion sense. Arezzo&Co is the leading company in the Brazilian women’s footwear, handbags and accessories sector. It holds a solid portfolio of renowned brands (Arezzo, Schutz and Alexandre Birman are the main) which stand out in the market for their prime quality, design, comfort and innovation. Be advised: you are going to buy more than you need and be very happy with that.


You can find Arezzo, Shultz and Alexandre Birman´s stores at Shopping Iguatemi, Piso 3, Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2232. + 55 11  3032-7898


Arezzo Rua Oscar Freire, 808 – Jardim Paulista


Alexandre Birman +55 11 3081-4929


Founded in 1997 by Natalie Klein, NK STORE is a multi-brand upmarket boutique attracting a diverse clientele with a super exclusive selection (from up-modern to basic, from funky to traditional) of international and national brands, as well as its own lines NK Collection and Talie NK. With a flagship in the Jardins, Sao Paulo and a boutique in Ipanema, Rio, besides an e-retail, it is a well-kept secret in the globetrotter fashionista black-book + those who enjoy fashion and style. Supercool!


Rua Sarandi, 34



+55 (11) 3897-2600



The pioneering and prestigious Brazilian luxury boutique made history: founded in 1958, gained prominence in the 90’s when the daughter of the founder, the visionary Eliana Tranchesi and Donata Meirelles leaded the launch of luxury international brands in Brazil. Hence it has not stopped growing and widening the national fashion horizon with the apex of its multibrand lines. Time passed, change came and the multibrand headquarter’s migrated to Shopping Cidade Jardim – with stores in Haddock Lobo in Jardins, in São Paulo, and at Fashion Mall, in Rio de Janeiro, as well as e-store.


Rua Haddock Lobo, 1583



+55 (11) 3078-1827