Travelweek Sao Paulo welcomes the most important travel agents from all Latin America and Brazil, as well as a few special guests from North America.


Thank you for your continuous trust and partnership. In order to make the most of your participation, we kindly ask your attention to the following points:


  • Exhibitors travel from all over the world, absolutely thrilled to meet you at Travelweek Sao Paulo. Out of respect to their effort in travelling from so far away and their strong interest in the Latin American market, we rely on your punctuality -as well as 100% attendance- to all meetings in your agenda (please consult the Cancellation and No-show Policy available in the Pre-Scheduled Appointment System).
  • Be sure this is a unique opportunity to do business with the world’s most prestigious suppliers, establish networks and relationships, as well as to exchange and gain knowledge. The schedule is intense and requires a lot of energy, but it all takes place in a very pleasant and enriching environment.
  • Buyers based in Sao Paulo City: please keep in mind you are expected to carry out all meetings just as if you were attending a travel show abroad. We rely on your full commitment during the 3 days of pre-scheduled appointments, as our co-hosts, welcoming suppliers to our city and showing our country’s high level of professionalism.


Very Important: Traffic in Sao Paulo is intense, even off rush hours. Leave with extra time in order to arrive each day (9am) in time for your first appointment (9:00 am).


Registration desk will be open at Bienal Pavilion on April 25th, Tuesday, from 9am to 3pm. If you have material delivery or prefer to avoid lines, you can collect your badge and event bag on this period.


Shuttles will be available from Bienal Pavilion to Hotel Palácio Tangará, departing at 3pm.


Registration will also be available at Hotel Palácio Tangará, in case you wish to proceed direct to event Opening Ceremony, on April 25th, Tuesday, from 3pm to 6pm. Badge collect only.


Kindly note that for security reasons, as the Hotel will be opened only for Travelweek Opening, the access will be restricted to badge holder guests. There will be a list at the gate to control access. Make sure your name is correctly registered to attend the event.


Registration will be available during entire show duration on April 26th, 27th and 28th from 8am to 6pm.


Guests that collect badges at Hotel Palácio Tangará on April 25th will be able to collect their show bags on a fast track entrance at Bienal Pavilion.


Reissues are available at the venue’s Accreditation Desk. A fee of USD 25 applies per reprint. The reissue of a new badge automatically cancels the previous one.


Complimentary airport transfers are offered for international buyers arriving to GRU Airport on April 25th and departing from GRU Airport on April 29th only. Please take note that for arrivals/departures on different dates or through a different airport, transportation service shall not be included.


Hotel/venue/hotel shuttles are offered twice a day on complimentary basis, please see full timetable here.


Should you be eligible for hosted accommodation, confirmation vouchers have been sent to your e-mail account. In case you have not received yours, please contact Mila Chiyoda at mila.chiyoda@reedexpo.com.br. Personal charges such as telephone calls, meals, mini bar, laundry service and SPA, amongst others, are sole responsibility of the guests. All hotel rooms offered by Travelweek Sao Paulo are on a single occupancy basis. Any changes should be requested and paid directly to the hotel by the VIP Buyer. Travelweek Sao Paulo and its staff shall not be involved with bookings alterations, whether for double occupancy or for date changes.


Travelweek Sao Paulo takes the matter of late or missed appointments very seriously. No more than 3 missed appointments per VIP shall be tolerated. If the VIP Buyer happens to miss 3 4 or more appointments during the entire event, a penalty fee of USD 100 per missed appointment applies. Missed appointments may endanger the company’s re-invitation to future editions of Travelweek and ILTM events. Eventual lack of interest in any of the appointments is not an acceptable excuse for missing them. All Exhibitors receive a form to be filled out and returned at the end of each day, in order to help the event’s organizers to control which travel agents have missed meetings. Recommended procedures in case the Exhibitor is not found at the WorkStation on time: Please wait for at least 5 minutes and then leave a business card on the supplier’s table with the number of the appointment written. Alternatively, you can also report a no-show from the exhibitor in question. This procedure must be done as an exception and solely in case of the supplier’s absence to the appointment. Exhibitors may consider the buyer’s attempt to meet earlier than the designated schedule time (in order to end the day earlier) inconsiderate and unprofessional.We kindly ask all VIP Buyers to stick to their schedule and expect to leave the pavilion at the end of each afternoon (around 5:55pm).


Cancellations seriously jeopardize Travelweek Sao Paulo and its partners’ purposes, and therefore will be subject to the Cancellation Policy penalties. For further information, please consult the Cancellation Policy document, available on the Pre-Scheduled Appointment System or contact the Buyers RelationsTeam.


Travelweek does not organize any exhibitor accommodation and does not share exhibitors data with any outsourced company.


If you receive a third party contact regarding your accommodation, be aware it may be fraudulent companies taking advantage of the event proximity.


We advise you not to share personal or credit card information with non reliable companies.


If you are a Buyer, your accommodation information will be provided exclusively by our office team.


In case you receive any third party contact, please check with our team before sharing any personal information.