Enjoy Culture-Rich Vacations? What To Do When You Visit Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is referred to all through the world just like a great spot for social excursions. The city is brimming with historical centers, theater gatherings, shows and other social encounters, which implies it’s an incredible spot to travel in case you’re hoping to inundate yourself in culture.
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Sao Paulo – The Paris of the South
Sao Paulo is known by its sobriquet – Paris of the South. This is on the grounds that despite the fact that the city is the financial focus of Brazil, it despite everything holds a trademark bonhomie that is missing from numerous other metropolitan urban communities on the planet.
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Holidays in Brazil – Travel Destinations by Activity!
At the point when you intend to travel/spend your vacation in Brazil, your best travel destination(s) might rely especially upon your preferred exercises.
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How to Feel Comfortable in a New School When Working Abroad

How to Feel Comfortable in a New School When Working Abroad

Teaching is one of the noblest professions on the planet. Shaping the future generations of our planet. Inspiring children to follow their dreams and preparing them for the future. Nothing can compare. Working abroad as a teacher is a fantastic idea that has become increasingly popular in recent years. And it is surprisingly easy to do as well.

Even if you don’t have a degree in teaching or any experience, many organizations offer the chance to teach English abroad. All you need is to be fluent in English. But it can be quite daunting moving abroad and starting work in a new school. So today we are going to count down some ways to feel more comfortable in a new school abroad.

  • Make Pre-Contact with Fellow Teachers

It can be awkward meeting new people. And double so when you have to dive straight into work at the same time. So we recommend you contact your new school ahead of time and see if you can be put in touch with some of the other teachers you will be working with.

Say a friendly hello. Ask them any burning questions you have about the working conditions and what you need to know about the school. And just generally start forging a bond with them. This will make things a lot easier when you finally start working there. Plus you can get some tips about the best places to go visit outside of work and maybe even make some social plans.

  • Personalize your New Classroom

The easiest way to make your workplace more comfortable is to put a personal touch on it. And a classroom is the perfect place to add some creative personal flair. Within reason of course. You’ll find yourself getting used to your new workspace a lot quicker if you do this.

A great way to spruce things up is to add some art around the room. This can be art you like, or you could get creative and get the students to make some personalized art to put up. This is a great way to get your students jazzed. Another great idea is to get some customized teacher door signs and hanging wooden signs for inside the classroom. These add a colorful flair and can also be decorated with education tools such as multiplications tables or the alphabet.

  • Run Bonding Exercises with Your New Class

Being a teacher is scary enough without the added stress of being in a new country. And facing a new classroom full of children is daunting. So to make your teaching experience far easier and more comfortable you should engage in some ice-breaker activities and bonding exercises.

Of course, your primary aim is to educate and guide these students. But if you can get yourself on friendly terms with them and understand them better, you will be able to teach them better. A fantastic ice breaker is two truths and a lie. This is a fun way for students to share information about themselves while letting them use their imagination.

Another way is to play more active bonding games. A circular game of catch where everyone has to share a fact about themself when the ball comes to them. Another great way to bond with your younger students is to create personalized handshakes with every student or create a new class chant. This is also a fantastic way to get students to engage their imagination.

How to Prepare For a Backpacking Holiday

How to Prepare For a Backpacking Holiday

Now that the world is returning to normality, you may be desperate to head out and see the world. If you are someone that is a fan of travelling, then you may have spent the last year listing off all of the possible holiday destinations that you could head to in the near future. Deciding on one place can be a difficult task, but why just settle in one place? We have all spent the best part of two years confined to our homes, so why confine yourself to one country now that you can leave?

You could choose to spend a lot of money on one location, or you could visit several locations and cut a few corners. One of the most cost-effective ways to see several countries in one trip is by backpacking. Backpacking allows you to visit a lot of locations on a smaller budget, but you do have limitations. When you are trying to move between several locations on one trip, you have to travel light. Travelling light allows you to cut down on baggage costs and also use a long list of different transport options, which could save you a lot of money.

When you have to pack light, you have to be selective with what you bring with you. There is also a lot of planning that is required, as you don’t want to find yourself without transport or somewhere to stay. Here is how to prepare for a backpacking holiday.

Find out where has accommodation

The worst thing that you can do while backpacking is not checking where the local accommodation is. When you are travelling to different countries, it can be easy to expect that there is a hotel at every corner. This may be the case, but you may also find yourself in a situation where there is no accommodation available. There is nothing worse than getting stranded in a country that you are not familiar with, with absolutely nowhere to stay.

When you plan a backpacking holiday, it is likely that you will make spontaneous trips to different towns, but be sure to have an accommodation plan in place. Once you have decided on what your next location is going to be, do a quick google search for hotels and hostels within this location.

If you feel as though you may not have access to the internet during your trip, it would be worth your while to do a little preplanning before you head off on holiday. If you know that you may drop into certain towns or cities, make a list of potential hotels that you can stay at and note it down in a notepad that you can take with you.

Make Sure You Pack Light

When backpacking, you are going to be carrying your luggage with you quite a lot, so be sure that you have not overpacked. The secret to backpacking is ensuring that you aren’t overwhelming yourself with a heavy bag. Avoid taking clothes that you do not necessarily need, as you will have access to laundrettes to clean your clothes while on the road, so you can save yourself a lot of space by limiting yourself to a few set outfits.

When it comes to bringing items such as towels, you may feel an urge to bring more than you should. This is especially the case if you are heading somewhere hot and with a lot of beaches, such as Bali or Hawaii, as nobody likes drying in the sun after swimming in seawater. We recommend that you bring one thin beach towel, as thin beach towels dry a lot easier than a normal towel.

If you are worried about not having enough towels, remember that it is likely that you will be stopping by at a lot of hotels. These hotels will provide you with plenty of towels, especially if you are staying in a hot country and you are staying active all day, as the hotel owners will know that you will need to clean off after a long day of exploring. You really do not have to worry about the hotels not providing towels as it is a big part of the service they offer. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if you have spent a lot of money booking Hawaii honeymoon resorts, only to not receive one of the most basic features of a hotel room. These towels are also washed and replaced daily, so you won’t have to worry about using an unclean towel.

Bring Strong Shoes

A big mistake that a lot of backpackers make is not taking the right shoes with them on their trip. If you are heading to a hot country, it can be tempting to take sandals and flip-flops with you. These shoes are fine for when you are walking along the beach or having an easy stroll. However, when you are backpacking, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have strong shoes that offer you so much needed support.

When you are spending a lot of time on your feet, you need to do all that you can to ensure that you are not damaging your feet. We recommend that you pack a comfortable pair of sneakers and some walking boots, as they will make travelling feel a lot less strenuous on your feet.

6 Of the Best Travel Locations that are Pet Friendly

Now that the world is starting to open up again, we are all excited to head out on holiday. In the last year or so we have all spent a lot of time at home, which also means we have spent a lot of time with our furry friends. For some of us, our pets have become one of our main sources of socialization and so with the world welcoming us back with open arms, it would feel odd to not bring our pets with us. However, a lot of places that you can visit on holiday do not allow you to bring your pet, so it can be difficult to find somewhere to travel. 

Yorkshire Dales 

If you plan on taking your pet on holiday with you, then you will want some room for them to be able to run around. One of the most popular locations that pet owners regularly visit when they want a break is the Yorkshire Dales. By going on holiday here you can hire a cozy cabin or cottage and enjoy life away from the busy city.  Your pets will absolutely love the open space and fresh air just as much as you will. There are also plenty of activities that you can do here, from caving to archery, you are bound to find something to occupy your time with. 


Though this may seem a bit broad, it is hard to pinpoint the perfect location in Wales to take your pets as there are so many to choose from. Depending on what you are looking for in your holiday, there is a location for you. If you are looking for more of a city experience, then you can go inland and visit places like Bangor and if you want more of a beach holiday there are plenty of locations for that too.  

The Lake District 

The Lake District is arguably one of the most popular British holidays that thousands take every year.  The Lake District has beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities to take a boat out onto the lakes and have fun with your furry friend. There are also plenty of delicious restaurants you can check out, so be sure to look into The Lake District. 


Cornwall is a great option if you are looking for a sunny location to take your pets. In the summer Cornwall can reach some extremely high temperatures. Cornwall also has a number of beautiful beaches, which means if you decide to take your pet with you then there are plenty of places where it may run free and enjoy the weather with you. There are plenty of pet-friendly beaches in Cornwall, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your pet on a lead.  

Glendale Farms 

If you want to really get close to nature while eating some delicious food, then you should check out Glendale farms. This farm gives you the opportunity to taste food and they are also extremely dog friendly, which means they also have food for your dog to try. As you know you should avoid processed poultry snacks for dogs, so giving them natural foods from Glendale is a much better option. 


If you want a trip to the countryside, why not head up north. Cumbria is known for its beautiful scenery, along with its quaint pubs and restaurants. This is the perfect holiday for any walker out there and will be a welcome escape from the busy city. Your pet will love the fresh air and the opportunity to really run around.  

6 Countries That are Home to Massive Reptiles

From snakes to lizards, harmless to venomous, there’s something fascinating about reptiles. Even more so, the giant reptiles around the world. Frequently used as man-eating monsters in Hollywood (Anaconda, Lake Placid), giant snakes, crocodiles, and lizards are feared by many. However, for the danger seekers, this list will take you through the countries with the biggest reptiles, whether to visit or simply to admire from afar. For clarity, many of these reptiles can be found in multiple countries and the countries may have other reptiles there, however for the sake of clarity I will be choosing the countries with the highest number of a specific species.

Mexico – Leatherback Turtle

While being a sea turtle that can travel hundreds of miles in the ocean, many Leatherback Turtle’s come to the shores of Mexico to lay their eggs. Weighing anywhere between 250 and 700kg, these heavy reptiles are quite a sight to see filling the Mexican beaches during their laying season.

Ecuador – Galapagos Tortoise

This gentle giant may not be the most dangerous massive reptile on the list, but what they lack in speed and fangs, they make up for in size. Adult Galapagos tortoises can weigh up to 417kg and can live up to 100 years old in the wild, with the oldest living to 170 in captivity.

Indonesia – Komodo Dragon

A large lizard with a deadly bite, the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia dominates the ecosystem of its home, killing and eating birds, invertebrates, and mammals. Not only is it a massive reptile on its own, but it’s also the largest species of lizards on the planet. Best known for having venomous saliva, the bite force of the Komodo Dragon is speculated to be strong enough to snap an adult’s leg in two, though I’m not sure anyone would volunteer to test that.

India – Reticulated Python

The longest snake in the world, the Reticulated Python eats anything it can get a hold of. There have been reports of them swallowing deer and even Sun Bears, which are known to be extremely aggressive. The snake has earned the title of longest snake due to its longest length of 21.3ft, a behemoth that could easily devour a human being. They make their kills not with venom, but rather by slowly squeezing their prey to death and swallowing them whole.

Bolivia – Green Anaconda

I remember watching the movie Anaconda when I was younger and being terrified by the giant snake that terrorized Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube, but it was just a movie, right? Well, Green Anacondas are not a work of fiction and occupy slow-moving rivers and streams throughout South America. Though they aren’t as long as the Reticulated Python, the weight makes them the largest snakes in the world, weighing in at up to 500kg. While there have been reports of attacks on humans, Green Anacondas tend to eat mammals and fish, though they have been known to kill and eat fully grown Jaguars.

Australia – Saltwater Crocodile

Australia. Oh, Australia. Home to numerous horrific creatures, such as the Huntsman Spider, various snakes and lizards, and even giant pinecones that have been reported to kill people when they fall from trees, it’s no surprise that it’s home to the biggest reptile on the planet. The Saltwater Crocodile can grow up to 23ft and weigh 1,300kg. Over the years there have been photos and videos emerging of the Saltwater Crocodile killing bull sharks that swim up the Australian rivers and they also feast on cattle and buffalo, as well as a few unsuspecting humans. On average, there are 30 Saltwater Crocodile attacks on humans every year with 50% of those attacks being fatal.

So, with that list of the biggest reptiles and their countries, you know either where to avoid or where to visit to see these giant reptiles in action. To all snake and lizard enthusiasts out there, remember that these monsters are nothing like looking after your pet reptile, they are big, bad, and often dangerous wild animals. Some countries offer paid tours to be able to (safely) see these massive reptiles in the wild and I would recommend that if you wanted to see them up close.

The 7 Most Breathtaking Islands you Need to Visit

When choosing your next holiday destination you may find yourself torn between the many different options you have available, visiting an island promises to be a holiday to remember and the difference in the way of life on an island location is truly extraordinary. There are many great islands all over the world with so much to offer in terms of picturesque landscapes, unique wildlife, and amazing people, if you are looking for a different holiday destination this year then keep on reading for the seven best islands that you simply have to visit.


The Maldives

The isolated serenity of the Maldives has made this remote island one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years, a trip to the Maldives is bound to be a relaxing experience, and thanks to the amazing pure blue sea views if you have the opportunity to holiday in the Maldives I would highly urge you to do so. One of the main selling points of this gorgeous island would have to be the private huts based right by the sea that can be rented for a very unique holiday experience.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is another very popular holiday island location due to the wildlife-rich areas that you can visit; Bora Bora is a great location for someone who wants to see more of the world and for those of you who are interested in seeing the abundance of animals and wildlife that can be found here. This remote island is very popular amongst young travelers and backpackers due to the very unique holiday experience and the fact that there is such a variety of activities and attractions suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.



Seychelles is an island located in the Indian Ocean close to Eastern Africa, if you have the opportunity to visit this amazing island then I’m sure it will not disappoint. Expect high temperatures and picturesque views in this amazing resort location. There are many different accommodation options with luxury hotels scattered all over the island, however, if you were looking for something with a little more natural flair and a rustic touch then why not stay in one of the wildlife cabin resorts where you could have the opportunity to see some amazing wildlife and animals in their natural habitat.



Santori is a classic-looking Greek island with rich blue, green waters and the classic landscape of those white Grecian buildings placed all over the island makes this a must-have holiday destination. If you have been thinking about taking a trip to Greece then I would urge you to look at Santori as an option, as it is very hard to find another location that perfectly sums up what a holiday in Greece is like. There is a lot to do here from water sports to nature hikes and with many tourist attractions featuring some classic Greek history, I would argue that this is one of the best islands to visit worldwide simply due to how many things there are to do here.



Bali is another very popular island holiday destination, and it would have to be one of the most exotic places you can visit. There is a strong community here and with a large number of visitors every year it is clear to see what makes this place so popular. From snorkeling to find your favorite aquatic wildlife to relaxing in one of the various beach bars, no matter what kind of holiday you look for I’m sure you will have a great time in Bali.



Borneo is a large island located in SouthEast Asia, popular amongst travelers and backpackers this island is very well known for its huge amount of wildlife and the opportunity to see the native animals. With many recorded sightings of various species of monkeys and even the clouded leopard, this destination would be perfect for those of you looking for a more exciting holiday in comparison to a more relaxing location. Borneo is a very wildlife-orientated place soi if you are looking for a more commercial destination then I would maybe look elsewhere.


Ko Pha Ngan

The final island on this list is Ko Pha Ngan which is located in Thailand, this destination is pretty unique as itr hosts the monthly full moon parties which attract a large traveler crowd. With their quaint beach huts that are available at a pretty reasonable price, it is no wonder why so many people travel to join the festivities on a  monthly basis. This huge party is unlike anything you can find elsewhere and is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on if you ever get the chance to go and party hard in this amazing location.

A Foreigner’s Guide to Getting a Mortgage in Australia

Australia is one of the most picturesque paradises on the planet. Nowhere else can you find such a diverse biome of wildlife, both mammal and insect. Explore beautiful reefs and stunning white-sand beaches. Catch the most immense waves and enjoying a hearty BBQ right after.

The people of Australia are welcoming, kind, and strong-willed. They hold their countries’ culture close to their hearts and celebrate with pride all the things that make Australia so special. It is no wonder people from all over the world vision Australia as the perfect place to live. And the biggest reason of all. The sun.

Australia is one of the sunniest places on the planet. They have countless towns and states named after it. But for all its sunshine, Australia is also one of the stricter countries when it comes to immigration. So how does one go about moving to Australia? And more specifically, how does one get a mortgage while out there? This guide is going to give you all the information you need to secure your mortgage in Australia, from the perspective of someone who immigrated themselves.


The Immigration Process

We can’t talk about getting a mortgage in Australia without taking a quick look at the immigration process itself. Some countries are quick lax about their immigration processes. Australia isn’t. They operate on a strict, points-based system that is designed to limit how many people enter the country permanently.

The first step is to make sure you have researched employment opportunities. This is a big one. You need to be able to prove to the immigration officials that you have done significant research into finding a job and you have the skills and experience to actually secure a job while out there.

You also need to start looking for a place to live. This doesn’t mean you need to put down any deposits or know for certain exactly where you will be living. But you should have a good idea of the state and city and have done enough prior research to be able to prove you are seriously looking into it.

Then, you need to apply to the visa office. You can opt to get a visa nomination that allows a business or organization to vouch for your application giving you a better chance of getting approved. But, chances are that if you followed all the rules and guidelines you will get accepted.

The next step is to actually move out there and settle in. Which leads us to the big question. How can you get a mortgage to actually buy your own home?


Getting a Mortgage

In the UK and USA, the Mortgage process has been streamlined. These countries are very much capitalist societies are their fullest. So they have made sure any system of banks making money is at its best. This isn’t the case in Australia.

The Mortgage Process isn’t as tight as it is over in the UK or the USA. The process takes a lot longer and requires a significant amount of documentation. And this is particularly true form immigrants to Australia.

But, as an immigrant to the country, there is a set criterion you need to meet to get approved. We spoke to blutin mortgage advisors to find out exactly what this criterion is and some tips to help you prepare.


The Criteria

The biggest two are serviceability and employment.

Serviceability is your ability to repay your mortgage. It is worked out by looking at factors such as your current savings, your income (Or expected income if you have yet to start work), and also they will look at your history of debt repayment, such as previous mortgages. If you fail at this step to prove you can adequately repay the mortgage, chances are you won’t get approved.

Employment is simple. You need to prove to the bank you are employed, going to be employed, or are looking for work. If you are looking for work, you will need to prove you are qualified for the jobs you are applying for and prove you stand a good chance of getting them.

Of course, these aren’t the only two factors considered.

There is also the matter of security. This essentially means how much value the property you are looking at has in terms of resale value. This is important to the bank as they need to know that if you fail to make payments on the property, they can recoup their losses by selling the property.

You need to make sure your visa status is also properly sorted and all the relevant documentation can be produced. And it is vital you have done this step correctly. If you have the incorrect visa type you could be denied your mortgage right out of the gate.


Helpful Tips

There are a lot of things you can do in preparation for both your move to Australia and before you apply for a mortgage to make extra certain you will be approved.

First, make sure you have no outstanding debts that could seriously hinder your chances. If you have excessive loans to pay off, we recommend sorting that before you consider immigrating.

Secondly, keep good relations with your real estate agents and banker. It never hurts to be polite, inquisitive, and ask the right questions. But make sure you also do your research. If you are clued up on everything they will respond to you in a more positive manner.


Hostel Living: The Travellers Guide to Hostel Hopping

At one point in all of our lives, we have dreamed of packing up a backpack and traveling the world to escape the daily stresses. For most of us that remain a desk daydream fantasy, however, there are thousands of people jetting off every day in search of new adventures. If you’re someone who wants to visit lots of locations around the world but is deterred by the lack of finances that you have to support this venture, then you could always try crashing at a hostel as opposed to an expensive hotel.


For those of you that haven’t really experienced hostel life, you may recoil at the idea. However, staying in hostels isn’t even too bad, in fact, it can be an amazing experience- if you choose the right one. If you are new to the idea of staying in a hostel you might not know where to start or what to look for, so here are our travelers guide to hostel hopping.


Check online reviews

If you look at any hostel booking page, they are bound to brag about how good their location is, but that is not an accurate depiction of what the hostel is really like. There are plenty of review sites that allow hostel hoppers to write their honest opinions about the places that they have stayed in and these opinions are way more reliable than those of the hostel owner. Make sure you look at several reviews before you even think about booking a hostel because you don’t want to make yourself suffer from poor living conditions if you don’t have to.


Travel in groups

One of the main aspects of hostel living that really puts people off is the idea of sharing a room with a lot of people. For one we think that this aspect of hostel living can be really interesting as it gives you the chance to meet people you would have never have come across in the everyday world. However, we do understand that not everyone enjoys this side of hostel hopping. For this, we recommend that you travel with a group of friends as it means that you can occupy a large part of whatever room you are put in, which will make the experience way less overwhelming.


Check out the hostel in person

Pictures online can be deceiving, so if you get the chance, be sure to check out the hostel location in person. This doesn’t even require you to enter the hostel, as you can get a good idea of what the inside will be like just from looking at the entrance. Make sure the outside of the hostel looks clean and there’s no trash everywhere because you’re not going to have a good time if you have a problem with pests during your stay. Follow your gut feeling, if a hostel doesn’t feel like it will be up to scratch, don’t stay there.


Make sure your items are secure

Though more often than not, the security of your items won’t be an issue when staying at a hostel, it should always be something that you think about. You are going to be staying with a bunch of people that you don’t know personally, so it is very possible that one of these people may enjoy some light theft. Make sure you have all of your valuable items securely locked away, a good hostel will provide you with a locker to allow you to do this. We recommend investing in some quality locks to place on your bags, just for the extra security.