4 Countries With Exotic and Daring Food Cultures

Eating cuisine from different countries is one of the great pleasures in life. As a species, eating is one of the few things we all share. It unites us. Connects us in a shared activity and a shared heritage, while also allowing us to distinguish our individual cultures and customs.

A culture’s food is as much a part of their identity as their flag or their national anthem. Sometimes more so. Eating the foods of another culture is a great way to learn more about them. Often the dishes are inspired by the world in which these cultures developed. The food that was available to them. Cooking methods they used. The way it is eaten and the pre-dinner rituals that come with it.

And there are some countries out there with food cultures that some might consider very daring and exotic. Foods and meals that make you really feel something, whether that is a feeling of danger or intense heat. So we are going to look at 4 countries with Exotic and Daring Food Cultures.



There are two types of people when it comes to Sushi. Those that lick their lips and want some. And those that snort in derision at the idea of eating raw fish. But did you know Japan is also famous for one of the most dangerous meals on the planet?

Fugu. Fugu is a type of pufferfish that contains a gland that is filled with some of the most deadly poison on the planet. If ingested it is almost always fatal. Yet people flock from all over to eat Fugu. Why?

To even be allowed to prepare Fugu, Chefs have to undergo a rigorous training course that can take anywhere up to three years. The Fugu has to be sliced and cut in exactly the right way to avoid contamination with the poison glands. But once served up, it is beyond delicious.



Brazil likes it hot. And their food reflects this. Home to some of the hottest spices and dishes on the planet, people flock from all over to sample Brazil’s foods and see if they are brave enough to deal with the intense heat that comes with it.

Aside from the heat, Brazil is a country of fast-paced festivals and a strong sense of community. You will find a lot of exotic street food and small plates rather than more traditional sit-down meals. This is to allow you to keep going and explore all Brazil has to offer.



You might associate Australia with BBQ’s, and rightly so. But did you know there is a huge community of bug eaters in Australia? The undisputed bug capital of the planet, the country is full to the brim with tasty insects chock full of protein. Particularly popular in the outback, you will feel a real connection to nature and the forefathers of Australia when you sit down to gnaw on some bugs.

And it isn’t exclusive to Australia either. You can learn more at foodplusice¬†about how to properly eat bugs and even make a few dishes in your own home.



Vietnam has had a rich and often troubled history. But their love for interesting and diverse food has never gone away. But we want to focus on something very interesting Vietnam has to offer.

Snake Wine. Produced by fusing a literal whole snake into the fermentation process, Snake Wine is a drink only for the truly brave of heart. A lot of the bottles still have the snake body inside, so you will get to see exactly what you are drinking.

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