4 Exotic and Exciting Places to go for a Family Summer Holiday

If you are someone with children, the yearly family holiday is something that you look forward to but also dread. Organizing anything with children can be extremely exhausting as it’s difficult to find a location that will be fun for them and yourself, as well as not breaking the bank.  However, no matter how stressful the initial planning process maybe, once you actually get to go on holiday, it is well worth it. One of the more difficult aspects of planning the holidays that you may find is picking the location itself.


If you are planning to holiday in the summertime then you are instantly under the pressure of a time crunch. There will be millions of families rushing to book the best holiday destination at the most affordable price, so it’s important to act fast to ensure that you don’t miss out on some of the best deals out there. If you have already been to several locations and don’t want to repeat previous holidays that you have enjoyed, then you may be looking for some inspiration.


Here are our top 4 picks of the most exotic and exciting places that you can venture to with your family on your next summer holiday.


Disney World

Though when you first read the words ‘Disney World’ you may not automatically think ‘exotic’, there is no doubt that you feel excitement at the prospect of visiting. Disney World is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and is beloved by all ages. Even if you are someone that is a lot older than Disney’s target audience, there is no doubt that Disney has been a part of your life at some point.


There is a reason that Disney world is so popular and that is because you can visit 100 times and still not do everything that it has to offer. There are hundreds of rides to explore as well as plenty of arcades and other forms of entertainment. If you visit Disney World then you are bound to walk into one of the hundreds of actors that play the part of beloved characters and offer an interactive performance like no other.


The gift shops are what really appeal to a lot of the visitors of the park and there is a long selection of the besten geschenke für die schultüte jungs as well as gifts that you can take back to family members to enjoy. They say that you have to visit Disney World at one point in your life, and the reasons why are very obvious.



Now, this location won’t appeal to the desires of a lot of families out there, but if you are looking for an exotic trip to a hot country- India is perfect. One of the best things you could possibly do for your children is to allow them to experience rich cultures and explore new environments that differ from the ones that they are used to. Exploring the depths of India will give your children the opportunity to experience wonderful things that people double their age may not be able to imagine and it will leave a lasting effect on their lives.


This would also be an amazing experience for yourself as a parent as you will be able to bond with your children over amazing scenery and experiences.



If you are looking for a hot holiday that will allow you to access beaches and beautiful scenery, then Bali may be a good option for your next summer holiday. Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations available right now and because of this, there are millions of resorts that welcome visitors to come to lie back and relax. If relaxing isn’t something that you like doing on holiday then fear not, as there are also thousands of outdoor activities that you can really sink your teeth into. Such as hiking, safari tours or even visiting some of the beautiful beaches available to the public.



France is never really considered to be an ideal holiday destination as it is considered to be mainly popular for romantic holidays, but if you travel further down south then you will be able to find amazing beach homes to escape to for the summer. Holidays to France are extremely affordable and offer the opportunity to get really immersed in a new culture. It is also really easy to travel around France, so nothing is stopping you from venturing to some of the popular cities.

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