6 States with the Best Architecture Worth Seeing

Architecture is really important to society as without it none of the amazing buildings we have that make cities look magical would ever have been designed. Architecture is a mix between art and science, as it is such an important role becoming an architect takes a long time, it involves a university degree and many more years of studying after. It’s a long process designing a new structure, it involves planning it, designing it, and then constructing it and for more complex structures this can take years to complete. Architecture is so important for many reasons; it makes up most of our environment and it plays a big part in our culture as cultures tend to have vastly different styles of building. Architecture has changed massively over the years, one of the oldest styles of architecture is classical architecture and since then there have been gothic, Victorian, and Georgian, all the way up to modern. There is some incredible architecture around the world that people travel thousands of miles to see, including the Taj Mahal which is so well designed it is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. The United States is also home to some incredible architecture, if you’re a big fan and are wondering where to visit in the US then we’ve figured out which the 6 best states to visit are. 


Connecticut is an affluent state and they have some amazing workers in particular the roofers CT are some of the best in their field, this is the perfect recipe for the creation of some stunning buildings. One of the most appealing structures in Connecticut is the Glass House which was built in 1947 and as it was so popular it was turned into a National Historic Landmark back in 1997. 


California is on the west coast so it has some of the best weather in the states, making it one of the most popular to visit. But California isn’t just well known for its sunshine and beaches, it also has some great architecture. San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in California and it is home to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this building was renovated in 2016 and is now much more beautiful.  


As it is an island, Hawaii is one of the more forgotten states and when it is visited it’s usually for cocktails on the beach. However, Hawaii should be known for the amazing architecture that it is home to, many tourists are stunned by this when they visit. The nicest structure in Hawaii is the Iolani Palace which is now also a National Historic Landmark. 


Illinois is home to one of the most well-known buildings in all of the United States. The Aqua tower is amazing, it was designed back in 2009 and it was the tallest skyscraper in the world that was designed by a woman, Jeanne Gang, and it stands at 859 feet. 


Louisiana is a great place to visit for any architecture fans as the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans manages to include 3 different styles of architecture. It’s an old cathedral as it was built back in the 18th Century and it brings together renaissance architecture, gothic revival, and Spanish colonial.  

New Jersey

New Jersey is often overlooked by tourists as they flock to New York, but if you’re a lover of modern art then New Jersey is the place for you. One of their most modern designs is the Centra Metropark that is made of glass and steel.  

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