How to Prepare For a Backpacking Holiday

How to Prepare For a Backpacking Holiday

Now that the world is returning to normality, you may be desperate to head out and see the world. If you are someone that is a fan of travelling, then you may have spent the last year listing off all of the possible holiday destinations that you could head to in the near future. Deciding on one place can be a difficult task, but why just settle in one place? We have all spent the best part of two years confined to our homes, so why confine yourself to one country now that you can leave?

You could choose to spend a lot of money on one location, or you could visit several locations and cut a few corners. One of the most cost-effective ways to see several countries in one trip is by backpacking. Backpacking allows you to visit a lot of locations on a smaller budget, but you do have limitations. When you are trying to move between several locations on one trip, you have to travel light. Travelling light allows you to cut down on baggage costs and also use a long list of different transport options, which could save you a lot of money.

When you have to pack light, you have to be selective with what you bring with you. There is also a lot of planning that is required, as you don’t want to find yourself without transport or somewhere to stay. Here is how to prepare for a backpacking holiday.

Find out where has accommodation

The worst thing that you can do while backpacking is not checking where the local accommodation is. When you are travelling to different countries, it can be easy to expect that there is a hotel at every corner. This may be the case, but you may also find yourself in a situation where there is no accommodation available. There is nothing worse than getting stranded in a country that you are not familiar with, with absolutely nowhere to stay.

When you plan a backpacking holiday, it is likely that you will make spontaneous trips to different towns, but be sure to have an accommodation plan in place. Once you have decided on what your next location is going to be, do a quick google search for hotels and hostels within this location.

If you feel as though you may not have access to the internet during your trip, it would be worth your while to do a little preplanning before you head off on holiday. If you know that you may drop into certain towns or cities, make a list of potential hotels that you can stay at and note it down in a notepad that you can take with you.

Make Sure You Pack Light

When backpacking, you are going to be carrying your luggage with you quite a lot, so be sure that you have not overpacked. The secret to backpacking is ensuring that you aren’t overwhelming yourself with a heavy bag. Avoid taking clothes that you do not necessarily need, as you will have access to laundrettes to clean your clothes while on the road, so you can save yourself a lot of space by limiting yourself to a few set outfits.

When it comes to bringing items such as towels, you may feel an urge to bring more than you should. This is especially the case if you are heading somewhere hot and with a lot of beaches, such as Bali or Hawaii, as nobody likes drying in the sun after swimming in seawater. We recommend that you bring one thin beach towel, as thin beach towels dry a lot easier than a normal towel.

If you are worried about not having enough towels, remember that it is likely that you will be stopping by at a lot of hotels. These hotels will provide you with plenty of towels, especially if you are staying in a hot country and you are staying active all day, as the hotel owners will know that you will need to clean off after a long day of exploring. You really do not have to worry about the hotels not providing towels as it is a big part of the service they offer. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if you have spent a lot of money booking Hawaii honeymoon resorts, only to not receive one of the most basic features of a hotel room. These towels are also washed and replaced daily, so you won’t have to worry about using an unclean towel.

Bring Strong Shoes

A big mistake that a lot of backpackers make is not taking the right shoes with them on their trip. If you are heading to a hot country, it can be tempting to take sandals and flip-flops with you. These shoes are fine for when you are walking along the beach or having an easy stroll. However, when you are backpacking, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have strong shoes that offer you so much needed support.

When you are spending a lot of time on your feet, you need to do all that you can to ensure that you are not damaging your feet. We recommend that you pack a comfortable pair of sneakers and some walking boots, as they will make travelling feel a lot less strenuous on your feet.

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