Sick While Abroad: Simple Cultural Remedies for Complicated Ailments

There are hundreds of countries in the world and each country is different and unique compared to the others. Countries that are close geographically tend to have a lot in common, for example, Spain and France are similar as they border each other compared to when you look at France and Thailand. However, each country has its own history and own amazing culture, even when a countries history is massively entwined like France and the UK, they have vastly different cultures and ways of thinking. This is one of the greatest things about traveling, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in other cultures and experience their ways of living. There is a lot to learn from other cultures when you go traveling, by visiting countries that are different from your own but meeting the people who are just like you, it helps the world to be more united as it helps people to realize we’re all the same. Visiting different countries also allows you to see things like how different houses are designed, some are practical some are flashy, it allows you to see all the different foods that are enjoyed and it can also be a great way to find some new home remedies for when you’re ill. 

Improve Your Sex Life

There are many medical-related things that can cause your sex life to go sour or to become almost non-existent, often when you’re in a relationship time does this but there are also medical things that contribute to this. The most common remedy that is used here is that when a man finds it difficult to get erect or to maintain an erection they take Viagra to improve to make it easier and improve their experience. There are other sex-related issues, not just this one, for example, low sexual appetite or a loss of libido and there is a fantastic remedy for this that is used in Brazil. It’s called pica do anão and has helped thousands of men in Brazil deal with any sexual-related problems. It helps to increase hormone levels which in turn increases the male desire for sex and it has also been shown to help men achieve much stronger orgasms. It also helps to dilate blood vessels, allowing blood to flow much easier which helps a man to achieve more powerful erections. The other thing that is great about pica do anão is that there have been no side effects found from taking it. 


This is one of the most popular herbal remedies that is mainly used among Native Americans in North America. This is a popular cultural remedy as it can be used to treat a whole variety of ailments, including burns, wounds, earache, and stomach aches. In their culture this would be the equivalent of paracetamol or ibuprofen, it is commonly used and most people will have it stocked up in their homes for when they need it. It’s common in their culture for 2 main reasons, the first is that it’s easy and cheap to grow meaning there are rarely shortages of it and because it can be taken in the form of a cup of tea which many people prefer to taking tablets.  

The current main use for echinacea is that it’s said to prevent the common cold, there have been various studies on this but there has been no conclusive result. However, one study did find that out of 4000 people there was between a 10 and 20 percent reduced risk of getting ill from the common cold. If you’re sick of lemsip and want to give this a try then you can purchase it online. 


Ginseng is a medicinal plant that is mainly used in China, or by Chinese people living worldwide. As millions of people have left China they have taken their knowledge of their cultural remedies and helped them to spread, this is how ginseng is starting to become a popular remedy, even among those who swear by western medicine. This is also usually drunk as tea, of it can be turned into a powder which can be added into other foods. The main ailments that ginseng can help are inflammation, it can boost energy levels and it can actually help to improve how well your brain functions. As there have not been a lot of studies on ginseng then it’s hard to tell if it does actually help people to deal with these problems. Although there have been no human trials, there have been several animal trials and the results from them look promising. You can buy ginseng online or from many health stores, but bear in mind that there could be long-term side effects like headaches. 

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