Swimming with Nature: The Best Locations To See Stunning Sea Life!

Swimming with sea life is an amazing experience like no other and for many is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The sea and the creatures living in it are still a massive mystery to many scientists making swimming with nature a thrilling experience. Scuba diving is growing in popularity, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors issues a million new certificates every year. There are so many options of what sea life to swim with, if you choose to swim in the reefs, you’re bound to see schools of many species of fish, jellyfish, and sea turtles, if you’re lucky a sea snake or barracuda may even make an appearance. If these small creatures aren’t enough to thrill for you then there are other, larger creatures you have the option to swim with. Whales and dolphins are tolerant of humans so it would be safe to swim with either of these as a spectator, sea lions are also safe to swim with and they’re actually very playful with humans, unlike dolphins who tend to be very uninterested. It is possible to see sharks whilst swimming, but this is considerably more dangerous so make sure you have a trained professional with you for this experience. The next thing to figure out is where the best locations are to see the most sea life whilst you’re swimming, we’ve found the 3 most stunning locations.


Hanauma Bay – Hawaii

This is an extremely picturesque location and is the perfect place for a beginner to experience swimming with nature. There is plenty of bright and colorful tropical fish, green turtles, and monk seals making this a stunning location for your first experience. If you aren’t confident with this there are tours with professional instructors available here to make sure your experience is a safe one. You’ll have such a fantastic experience swimming with nature in Hawaii we’re sure you’ll be buying your own easy to care for coldwater aquarium fish to remind you of this experience forever.


Akaroa – New Zealand

If seeing stunning fish whilst you’re swimming with nature just isn’t enough for you and you want more, in Akaroa, you can see and swim with dolphins. This is one of the best places in the world to experience this, dolphins inhabit the water here all year round and the tour providers here have an extremely high success rate. The water here is filled with nutrients so attracts other stunning sea life, it is likely you’ll also see whales here.


Nassau, The Bahamas

If fish and dolphins both aren’t thrilling enough for you then in Nassau you can swim with one of the deadliest creatures – sharks. This is guaranteed to be an experience like no other. It is vital to do this with a professional like all creature sharks can be unpredictable. The first dive gives you a chance to see how stunning the sea life is, the second dive will be even more thrilling as you’ll actually be in charge of feeding them!

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