The 7 Most Breathtaking Islands you Need to Visit

When choosing your next holiday destination you may find yourself torn between the many different options you have available, visiting an island promises to be a holiday to remember and the difference in the way of life on an island location is truly extraordinary. There are many great islands all over the world with so much to offer in terms of picturesque landscapes, unique wildlife, and amazing people, if you are looking for a different holiday destination this year then keep on reading for the seven best islands that you simply have to visit.


The Maldives

The isolated serenity of the Maldives has made this remote island one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years, a trip to the Maldives is bound to be a relaxing experience, and thanks to the amazing pure blue sea views if you have the opportunity to holiday in the Maldives I would highly urge you to do so. One of the main selling points of this gorgeous island would have to be the private huts based right by the sea that can be rented for a very unique holiday experience.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is another very popular holiday island location due to the wildlife-rich areas that you can visit; Bora Bora is a great location for someone who wants to see more of the world and for those of you who are interested in seeing the abundance of animals and wildlife that can be found here. This remote island is very popular amongst young travelers and backpackers due to the very unique holiday experience and the fact that there is such a variety of activities and attractions suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.



Seychelles is an island located in the Indian Ocean close to Eastern Africa, if you have the opportunity to visit this amazing island then I’m sure it will not disappoint. Expect high temperatures and picturesque views in this amazing resort location. There are many different accommodation options with luxury hotels scattered all over the island, however, if you were looking for something with a little more natural flair and a rustic touch then why not stay in one of the wildlife cabin resorts where you could have the opportunity to see some amazing wildlife and animals in their natural habitat.



Santori is a classic-looking Greek island with rich blue, green waters and the classic landscape of those white Grecian buildings placed all over the island makes this a must-have holiday destination. If you have been thinking about taking a trip to Greece then I would urge you to look at Santori as an option, as it is very hard to find another location that perfectly sums up what a holiday in Greece is like. There is a lot to do here from water sports to nature hikes and with many tourist attractions featuring some classic Greek history, I would argue that this is one of the best islands to visit worldwide simply due to how many things there are to do here.



Bali is another very popular island holiday destination, and it would have to be one of the most exotic places you can visit. There is a strong community here and with a large number of visitors every year it is clear to see what makes this place so popular. From snorkeling to find your favorite aquatic wildlife to relaxing in one of the various beach bars, no matter what kind of holiday you look for I’m sure you will have a great time in Bali.



Borneo is a large island located in SouthEast Asia, popular amongst travelers and backpackers this island is very well known for its huge amount of wildlife and the opportunity to see the native animals. With many recorded sightings of various species of monkeys and even the clouded leopard, this destination would be perfect for those of you looking for a more exciting holiday in comparison to a more relaxing location. Borneo is a very wildlife-orientated place soi if you are looking for a more commercial destination then I would maybe look elsewhere.


Ko Pha Ngan

The final island on this list is Ko Pha Ngan which is located in Thailand, this destination is pretty unique as itr hosts the monthly full moon parties which attract a large traveler crowd. With their quaint beach huts that are available at a pretty reasonable price, it is no wonder why so many people travel to join the festivities on a  monthly basis. This huge party is unlike anything you can find elsewhere and is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on if you ever get the chance to go and party hard in this amazing location.

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